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A new arts festival bringing comedy, theatre, music, workshops, events, cabaret and variety, and children's theatre to the heart of Dundee


17 - 26 September 2021
Dock Street Studios


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    Sat 25 September 2021

    Imaginary Porno Charades

    Dock Street Studios

    An hour of unstoppable panel show mayhem. You'll be glad they can last that long!


    Featuring teams of performers from across Dundee, all of them ready to charade their audiences good and hard.


    With porno...

    Sun 26 September 2021

    Best of Dundee Comedy

    Dock Street Studios

    In 2019, three of Dundee's best comedians decided to put on a Fringe show. Then society ended. And one left, so we replaced him. Come see if we still remember any of it!


    Feat. Luis Alcada (BBC Social), Andy Bullick (WAVE FM)...