Thomas Truax

Massive Nights Collective & Sweet@Dock Street Studios are incredibly excited to be bringing our dear friend, the absolutely unique and inspiring Thomas Truax to Dundee for his first ever performance our fair city.


Merging a fevered imagination and solid songwriting with a mad scientist's brain for weird gadgets, American singer Thomas Truax is a true one-off. He is known for his menagerie of unique self-made instruments including a motorized drum machine made of bike wheels, spoons and other found items called 'Mother Superior' and a souped up Gramophone called 'The Hornicator' but don’t let the novelty fool you. He is also a talented guitar player, storyteller, and performer who crafts rich, poetically evocative songs about insects, trees, technology, love, the human condition, and a lifelong obsession with things lunar. His music evades easy pigeonholing as his songs flit between art rock, post-punk, and a distinctive brand of surreal Americana.
Though he performs solo in a live situation (along with his mechanical bandmates) other notable past supporters and collaborators have included Jarvis Cocker, Duke Special, James Smith of Yard Act, Richard Hawley, Bob Log III, Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls/Violent Femmes) and the late author Terry Pratchett.
This tour will be in celebration of his brand new full-length, ‘Dream Catching Songs’ - which also features the legendary Budgie (Siouxsie & the Banshees, the Slits, The Creatures) drumming along with Mother Superior, adding extra thunder to a powerful new entry in Thomas’s catalog of recorded work. It’s a poignant, sometimes tender, often raucous collection that - much like Thomas’s music machines - has been crafted with great care and affection.

Truax is shaping up nicely as one of the great rock eccentrics.” - UNCUT

"Endlessly inventive and creative… a show not to be missed!” - Oxford Times

"His gigs are extraordinary, fizzing with showmanship." – Q

Support from ARMS AGAINST

Arms Against is a Scottish five-piece acoustic rock/americana band, who have been playing together on-and-off for over ten years after forming from the ashes of other several notable Dundee bands and we're extremely lucky to have them perform a rare Dundee show for us.
The band plays with a unique arrangement of vocals, percussion, guitar, keys and bass, producing a dramatic style of music that ranges from upbeat melodies and soaring vocals through to dark, mournful choral sections and atmospheric sounds.

Doors 7:30pm.
Live 8:00pm
  • Event Type

    Music and Nightlife

  • Venue

    Sweet@Dock Street Studios

  • Running Time

    150 min